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The Wilson Shaft Gallery is the largest private gallery in Poland-it's exhibition area is over 2000 m2. The Wilson Shaft is located in Katowice on the border of three districts: Nikiszowiec, Janów and Szopienice. The facilities were initially called "Richtofen" and "Hulda".
In 1935 they were renamed into "Wilson" after the President of the United States of America. After the war the area belonged to the Wieczorek Mine.
In 1995 the Wilson Shaft was closed and since 1998 Johann Bros, the president of Pro Invest LLC, and Monika Paca, the presidentof Eko-Art. Silesia Foundation, alongwith a group of enthusiasts, have strated adapting this historic facility for a gallery of modern art. The renovation and restoration was accompanied by social revitalization of the surrounding area.

"What industry took away, culture must regain" - this motto describes the main goal of creating a moden art gallery in a former mine shaft. For over 10 years the symbol of hard work, effort and mundaneness has been interwined with culture, beauty and spiritality. The harmony between culture and economy is reinforced by modern company offices hidden between the exhibits. Experiencing both the sacred and the profane strengthens the unique character of the Wilson Shaft.

The gallery has a unique private collection of modern art - paintings, sculptures and installations. One can see here the works of Karol Wieczorek, Andrzej Urbanowicz, Marek Kamiński, Lech Kołodziejczyk, Andrzej Tobis Eco-Industri-Art Group, Erwin Sówka and the Janów Group as well as foreign artists.
Apart from presenting their own works, the Wilson Shaft Gallery promotes young, ambitious and courageous artist from all over the world. In order to change the postindustrial image of a "grey" Silesia, a group of people connected to the place searches for modern beauty. The gallery is eager to make its unique area available not only to local artists connected with the region. Frequent exhibitions of more and less famous artists diversify the events calendar of the Wilson Shaft.
One of the most important recurring events organized by the Wilson Shaft Gallery and Eko-Art Silesia is the Festival of Art Naif. This cheerful and colorful event gathers in one place the works of naive artists from all over the world. The remarkable undertaking has been breaking stereotypes and barriers and attracting thousands of art lovers for many years.
Apart from art exhibitons, the unique area of the gallery is used for concerts, festivals, balls, performances, lectures, conferences and shows. The Wilson Shaft has been chosen as a movie, music video , artistic photo shoot, fashion show and various other events location on numerous occasions. The gallery area is also a perfect place for company and private parties.The sombined postindustrial interor and art exhibits create a memorable atmospher wich makes parties an unforgettable experience for invited guests.
It is worth noting that the Wilson Shaft Gallery has been put on the Industrial Monuments Route list. It presents the rich tradition and past of historic technological facilities and the modern direction of the changes and new possibilities whitch they create.
We welcom you to visit the Wilson Shaft Gallery and we encourage you to work with us.

The Wilson Shaft Gallery Team
The Wilson Shaft Gallery
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